Andrey Tarasov

Andrey Tarasov

managing partner, attorney-at-law

Andrey Tarasov is a specialist in legal support of business activity of enterprises.

Andrey Tarasov began his legal career in the system of the law service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine as a legal adviser by the military unit and then the representative of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as – the MIA). He supported and inspected the business activity of the military unit subdivisions at the Directorate General of Internal Military forces.

Soon, as a Senior Supervisor of the Legal Administration he represented the interests of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine at courts and the Minister of Internal Affairs directly . During the work in the Ministry Andrey Tarasov has proven himself to be a reliable specialist, knowing his business through and through. He won a great number of judicial trials. Representing the interests of the MIA, Andrey won high profile cases. Having carried the work to completion abreast the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Andrey Tarasov continued his legal practice at the international company Antares and the group of companies “V.М.”.

Currently, Andrey Tarasov is one of Tarasov & Partners Law Firm founders and its managing partner. Andrey  is the leading expert at “Tarasov & Partners” Law firm in legal support of the current enterprise business and in representation of the clients at courts. Due to a vast experience, 90% cases, conducted by the lawyers of Tarasov & Partners Law firm, under the guidance of the managing partner and attorney Andery Tarasov, were won.