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We are your external Legal Department both of separate enterprises and the whole business-structures.  That’s exactly why we carry out all the necessary legal work, required to conduct business.

Except for the main work of the Legal adviser, we perform a range of non-specific tasks, namely:

- registration and protection of trading marks and right of authorship;

- state procurements (formulation of proposals, appeal, participation);

- defense against criminal prosecution;

- tax and custom consulting.

Owing to our resources we can solve the tasks of different complexity. We not only release you from routine current work, such as:   discovery of certificates and extracts.  We are also able to solve legal issues of extraordinary complexity, such as business reorganization and business creation at the initial stage.  A special HR policy of the Company provides for such effect.

We are confident in our conclusions and that is why are not afraid of responsibility. We carry responsibility for the mistake with our name and property. Our company also bears full financial responsibility for     confidentiality compliance. For these purposes and at client’s will we offer to sign the corresponding agreements.

Chief executives and business owners, who are attended by our Legal Department, dropped the fear of “the absence of the lawyer next-door” long ago. The efficiency of our work makes one wonder and the simultaneous task solving makes it possible to quickly solve legal issues. Our specialists are always in touch.  We are mobile and ready to arrive in case of emergency as soon as possible.

After the agreement for legal services has been concluded, the specialists of the Company do the following actions first of all:

1. Exchange of contacts.

2. Personal acquaintance of “Tarasov & Partners” Law Company Chief executives with   the staff.

3. Signing of document suite «Business-attorney» (advocatory protection of the chief executives and family members).

4. Superficial due diligence (check of constitutional documents, model contracts, statements and instructions).

5. Implementation of «Commercial confidentiality» package (protection of company’s secrets).

6. Framing of model contracts under the main work directions.

7. Trading mark registration (if necessary).

8. Briefing of the secretaries about the work order with documents.

9. Model labor contract implementation.

Since the early days of the cooperation every day we perform all the legal work of the company, namely:

- contract drawing;

- registration;

- dispute resolution and claims;

- requests and  responds to the state authorities and citizens;

- interests presentation during  inspections, conducted by public authorities;

- legislation monitoring;

- check of company’s in-house documents;

- consulting on labor legislature issues;

- participation in conflict resolution.

We are always ready to go on business trip to solve your tasks.

Our major advantage is economical efficiency.

The conducted analysis shows that the keeping of in-house legal department costs twice as much (see illustration below)


As we can see, the economy can be achieved mainly by absence of necessity to carry all sorts of associated costs. We are ready to work for basic pay of a lawyer.

It became a fundamental truth for a long time: quality costs much. Low-quality consultation or advises in business may lead to a wrong judgment, and consequently to financial losses. That is why overpay for the quality is feasible, especially when it goes about qualified legal services.

The cost of work of one legal adviser at the company makes   10 000 UAH.

If you address for legal support beyond subscriber maintenance, the cost of our work makes 700 UAH/hour. Only the actually done work is included in time worked and analyses of regulatory acts isn’t taken into account.